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Sustainable Consumption and Production Consultant

UN Environment

Duties and Responsibilities

The EaP GREEN ProjectUN Environment, in partnership with the EU, OECD, UNECE, UNIDO, is implementing a 5-year programme(2013-2017) on ‘Greening Economies of the EU’s Eastern Neighborhood countries’ (EaP GREEN). The programme aims at assisting six countries in Caucasus and Eastern Europe (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) to move towards a green economy by decoupling economic growth fromenvironmental degradation and resource depletion. Under the overall management of the Europe Office, UN Environment is in charge of three programme components:
i) strategic policy setting for Green Economy /Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP),
ii) Promoting Sustainable Public Procurement, and
iii)Enhancing trade opportunities of organic agriculture.
Programme components (i) and (iii) are implemented under UN Environment’s Resource Efficiency Project ‘Greening Economy and promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia’. A consultant will be required to assist with the implementation of specific project activities and support important liaison and correspondence in Russian.

The 10 Year Framework of Programmes on SCP (10YFP) : adopted at the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), the 10YFP aims to support regional and national initiatives on SCP and scale up the implementation of SCP practices with all relevant stakeholders. The Secretariat of the 10YFP, based inthe Economy Division in Paris is supporting the global coordination needed to ensure its effective implementation. To this end, the mandate of the Secretariat consists in cooperating closely with Member States and contributing to the fulfilment of its functions while collaborating with all relevant UN bodies to foster the active participation of key stakeholders.Technical assistance is needed in the pan-European region to assist with the implementation of activities and ensure active participation of all relevant stakeholders in the region under the 10YFP. A consultant is therefore required to support this work from the Europe Office.

Tasks for the EaP GREEN Project to be carried out (50%)
1. Assist with the drafting, reviewing and finalization of reports (such as economic modeling reports) and brochures produced within the framework of the project, this may include research on specific GE/SCP related topics, data collection and editing of draft reports;
2. Assist with research on GE / SCP related topics and trends for the EaP region and support the development of multi-year project concepts for targeted donors;
3. Assist with the preparation of communication material, including power point presentations, project related news stories and draft speaking notes;
4. Assist with the day-to-day liaison and correspondence with government officials and other stakeholders in Russian, and prepare unofficial translations of relevant materials from English into Russian, upon request.

Tasks for the 10 YFP to be carried out (50%)
1. Liaise between the 10YFP Secretariat in the Economy Division and the Europe Office, ensuring a strong two way communication on relevant issues and activities;
2. Identify potential synergies with on-going activities in the region and develop some recommendations for concrete collaboration;
3. Monitor the development of existing SCP policies and initiatives in the region including specific follow up on the Global Survey on National SCP Policies in Europe;
4. Carrying out outreach activities in the region to enhance awareness and understanding about the 10YFPand its programmes, as well as about SCP policies and initiatives at the regional, sub-regional and national level. Outreach channels include: the Global SCP Clearing house, and participation of regional actors and networks in the 10YFP virtual platforms;
5. Organize and/or support activities such as the sub-regional and national meetings, trainings and events, workshops and/or seminars on SCP and the 10YFP in the region, including one national roundtable on the10YFP and SCP in Central Asia.

Qualifications/special skills

  • Good writing and communication skills are essential.
  • Teamwork skills: working collaboratively with other project team members to achieve project goals; sharing information; willing to learn from others, and able to work in multi-cultural environment.
  • Advanced degree in environmental management, economy, sustainable development, environmental studies, or social science; a first level degree with relevant experience can be considered in place of an advanced level degree.
  • A minimum of 4 years work experience in the international field on environment / sustainable development related projects both at technical and political level;
    Working experience in research and a sound understanding of green economy / sustainable consumption and production (SCP) issues in the region, including the application of SCP Policy into national planning agendas and application in the business sector;
  • Communications experience, particularly with outreach, presentation, and coordination at various stakeholder levels.
  • Knowledge of the UN system is an advantage. 
  • Fluency in oral and written English required and Russian highly desirable (experience working inboth languages).

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