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Non-governmental and business organizations

Several non-governmental and private organizations are based in the Geneva region.

Link(s) between NGOs and the United Nations

NGO Liaison Office

The NGO Liaison Office is under the Office of the General Director to the United Nations, Geneva (UNOG). Its purpose is to liaise with non-governmental organizations that endow consultative status with the economic and social council (ECOSOC), by assisting the NGO’s in the process of obtaining consultative status with the ECOSOC.

Non-governmental liaison service of the United Nations (NGLS)

The non-governmental liaison service (NGLS) is an inter-agency programme with the United Nations whose objective is to promote and develop constructive relations between the United Nations and civil society organizations. Since its creation in 1975, the NGLS serves as an interface between the United Nations and civil society, by providing information and strategic analysis around cross-cutting themes on the United Nations agenda while facilitating better qualitative civil society participation through online consultations or by assisting various secretariats of different inter-agencies within the UN to ensure a good participation on the civil society at major conferences and international summits.

Space for NGOs in the Region

Canton of Geneva

The Canton of Geneva offers assistance service at the Welcome Center (CAGI) to the Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) established or wishing to settle in the Geneva Region. The CAGI informs assists and directs them. The service is run by the Chancellery of the state of Geneva, acts as an interface between the Geneva authorities and NGO’s. It works in collaboration with the United Nations, the Swiss Confederation, the city of Geneva and other partners involved in the participation of civil society debates and the activities of International Geneva.

Neighbouring France

At the border of Geneva, offers a welcome center for meeting dedicated to NGO’s at the Cité de la solidrité internationale, located in Annemasse (France), a few kilometers from the United Nations Office in Geneva.

Non-governmental and business organizations in the region